STEP 1: Select Order Quantity

STEP 2: Select Product Options

If the logo, image and text for your notepad is 100% black "All Black Ink".

If your notepad has any ink colors other than or in addition to black...Select "Colors Other Than All Black".  You would select this option for 1 ink color other than black, 2 ink colors, 3 ink colors, 4 ink colors or full color.

Personalized Paper only uses premium quality paper from Hammermill.

Our notepads come standard will a 150LB tagboard back which is most common.  If you want an extra rigid back, you should select the "Heavy Chipboard" back.  There is an upcharge for the heavy chipboard back.

NO is the most common response


YES-You Attach.  We will send you enough magnets for your order and you will peel the adhesive back and stick the magnet to the back of the pad. Cost for the magnet is $.09 per pad.

YES-We Attach for You.  Printpps will attach the magnet to the back of the pad for you.  Cost per pad is $.14 per pad.

When you design your notepad online, you will be able to not only review your design online, but you also can print a PDF proof in our design studio software.  This is the most common way of viewing a proof and your PDF proof is FREE of charge.  The actual printed color may vary from the color you see on your computer monitor.

If you are uploading your file, please proof your file carefully.  The file you upload is considered your proof.  We are not responsible for customer created errors in uploaded files.

Personalized Paper Store prints millions of custom products annually and our customers are delighted with the products we provide.  However, on rare occcasions, customers have very specific color, formatting, and registration requirements.  The only way to determine if the product you are ordering matches your specific color, fomatting, and registration requirements, is for you to pay for an actual printed proof and see if the actual printed product matches your specifications.  Personalized Paper Store will be happy to send you a printed proof for a non-refundable charge of $30.00 for standard delivery or $65.00 for Fedex Next Day delivery.   If your order exceeds $1000, it is required that we will send you a free hard copy sample for you to approve prior to Printpps printing your order. If you submit an order and do not request a hard copy color proof, your order will be printed as is. Personalized Paper Store will not be liable for color, formatting, or registration variation from the PDF proof visualized either on a computer screen or printed out on your printer.


Orders are manufactured within 4 business days. If you are in a rush, you can select to have your order manufactured within 3 business days, 2 business days, or the next business day. There is an upcharge for for rush production. NOTE: The manufacture date is not when your order will arrive at your location.


You determine arrival date by selecting the shipping method at checkout. From the manufacture date you have selected, you can expect your order to arrive approximately within the following timetable.

FEDEX Ground-Arrives within 3 to 5 business days from date of manufacture.

FEDEX 3rd Day Air-Arrives in 3 business days from date of manufacture.

FEDEX 2nd Day Air-Arrives in 2 business days from date of manufacture.

FEDEX Next Day Air-Arrives in one business day from date of manufacture.

Example: If you select to have your order manufactured within 4 business days and you select FEDEX Ground at checkout, we will manufacture your order within 4 business days of the date you place your order and then ship your order via FEDEX Ground which will give you an arrival date of approximately 3 to 5 business days from the date of manufacture.

To qualify for next day manufacturing, your order must be received prior to 12 PM Eastern Standard Time on the day you place your order. Click here for Shipping Policy

Your Cost Per Each:$ 6.06
Your Total Cost:$ 72.72
Your Order Weight:1.32 lbs
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25 sheets per pad-5.50" x 8.50"12$ 72.72($ 6.06)
16$ 74.16($ 4.64)
24$ 76.32($ 3.18)
32$ 100.32($ 3.14)
40$ 100.20($ 2.51)
48$ 102.24($ 2.13)
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STEP 3: Select Design Option
(Red or Gray Button) Create a New Design Online: With this option you will be taken directly to our design studio or to a page showing templates available for this product. You will follow the easy instructions on how to add an unlimited number of images as well as unlimited lines of text. You will also be able to select from over 9,500,000 images in our image library. In the design studio you will be able to format your product to your exact specifications as well as view a PDF proof which shows how your product will look when printed.

(Blue Button) Upload Design Created Offline: With this option, you can take a design you created offline and upload the design to be printed. Think of it this way, you are uploading a snapshot what exactly what you want printed. You will find easy instructions on how to upload. From this option, you can also email us the file of the product you created and we will review the file and let you know if it will print properly.

We recognize that the vast majority of our customers are not designing products on a daily basis, so if you have a question at any time during the design process, please call us at (800) 921-1322…we are glad to help.

Click here if you have created a design offline that is accurately sized & ready to print

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Collated Notepads 5.5" x 8.5" Put different information on each page or create sets of different informational pages within the same notepad. This product requires you to contact our customer support team at 800-921-1322. We will assist you in creating your notepad and placing your order.