STEP 2: Select Product Options

Count the number of ink colors you find in your design(s) for the side of the cube and then select the appropriate ink color(s) you see in your image.

For example, if your logo and text is all black, you would select "One Ink Color".  If your logo and text is black and red, you would select "Multiple Ink Colors", etc.

Select standard white paper or recyled white paper.  Paper weight is 20LB.

If you select to have an image and/or text on each sheet of the note cube, it can be printed in one ink color or full color.  Sheet imprints increase the manufacturing time to 8 business days.

When you design your notepad online, you will be able to not only review your design online, but you also can print a PDF proof in our design studio software.  This is the most common way of viewing a proof and your PDF proof is FREE of charge.  The actual printed color may vary from the color you see on your computer monitor.


Bic Graphics, which is the manufacturer of our sticky note cubes, charges all distributors such as Printpps a $50.00 set up fee on the first order.  There are no set up fees on reorders assuming there are no artwork changes from your original order. The $50.00 set fee is amortized over the total number of cubes purchased.


Manufacturing time is based upon whether we print only the four sides of the cube or if you print the four sides plus an imprint on each sheet.  If if we print only the four sides, you can select to have your order shipped within 5 business days, 4 business or 3 business days.  If you want a sheet imprint, your order will take 9 business days to manufacture.


You determine arrival date by selecting the shipping method at checkout. From the manufacture date you have selected, you can expect your order to arrive approximately within the following timetable.


UPS Ground-Arrives within 3 to 5 business days from date of manufacture.

UPS 3rd Day Air-Arrives in 3 business days from date of manufacture.

UPS 2nd Day Air-Arrives in 2 business days from date of manufacture.

UPS Next Day Air-Arrives in one business day from date of manufacture.


Example: If you select to have your order manufactured within 10 business days and you select UPS Ground at checkout, we will manufacture your order within 5 business days of the date you place your order and then ship your order via UPS Ground which will give you an arrival date of approximately 3 to 5 business days from the date of manufacture.

Your Cost Per Each:$ 3.41
Your Total Cost:$ 306.90
Your Order Weight:38.7 lbs
Select Number of Sheets in PadSelect Your Quantity-The more cubes you buy...the lower your pricePrice
Half Cube- 3" x 3" x 1.50"-340 Sheets90$ 306.90($ 3.41)
180$ 613.80($ 3.41)
270$ 882.90($ 3.27)
360$ 1,177.20($ 3.27)
450$ 1,471.50($ 3.27)
540$ 1,711.80($ 3.17)
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STEP 3: Select Design Option
Click on the button below to be taken to the design options page. On this page, if you select option 1, you can use our online design studio complete with various sheet configurations such paper ruling, grid configuration, text layout, etc. to create your product online. If you select option 2, you can upload a print ready design you created offline.

Click to Select Design Option

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Related Products


The Personalized Paper website is an interactive website that we have designed to allow our customers to customize products online without the need to hire a graphic designer.  As part of the customization process, you will need to select options and read instructions if you are not familiar with basic product design.  If you get stuck on how to perform a function, we provide easy to understand instructions throughout the design and ordering process.  So let’s get started!

First, complete Steps 1 thru 3 in the pricing calculator found on the left side of this page.

Step 1: Select the quantity and size/sheets you wish to order. We feature quantity pricing where the more you buy, the less the price.

Step 2: Click on the STEP 2 button and select the options for your product.

Step 3: Click on the STEP 3 button to be taken to the design options page, where you can select from several options on how you prefer to get your design to us.

Step 4: You will be taken to our design studio. In the design studio you can add an unlimited amount of text and images.  If you do not have the skills to create a product, we provide detailed easy to understand instructions to assist you.  After you design your product, we provide you will a free PDF proof so you can review your design for accuracy.

Step 5: When satisfied with the product you have created, start the checkout process by creating an account.

Step 6: Review and complete your order using our secure checkout.

Please note that we do not take orders over the telephone nor can we walk you through an online order.  The instructions and process is designed to be easy if you follow basic instructions.  Our experienced customer support team is available to answer questions by calling (800)921-1322.

Prior to purchasing any product from, customers are able to preview a proof online before checkout. If you uploaded your own design, the file you uploaded is your proof because we print from the file you provide.

We print millions of custom products annually and our customers are delighted with the products we provide. However, on rare occasions, customers have very specific color, formatting, and registration requirements. The only way to determine if the product you are ordering matches your specific color, formatting, and registration requirements, is for you to pay for an actual printed proof and see if the actual printed product matches your specifications. will be happy to send you a printed proof for a non-refundable charge of $33.00.

Personalized Paper Manufacturing Group’s pricing is based off “Quantity Pricing”, where by increasing your total quantity lowers your cost per individual product. The only pricing we have available is the pricing shown in the pricing calculator.

shipping information


Orders are manufactured and shipped within 5 business days. If you are in a rush, you can select to have your order shipped within 4 business days, 3 business days, or 2 business days. There is an upcharge for rush production and shipping.  NOTE: The ship date you select is not when your order will arrive at your location.



You determine arrival date by selecting the shipping method at checkout. From the ship date you have selected, you can expect your order to arrive approximately within the following timetable.

United States Orders (see below for Canadian orders)

UPS Ground-Arrives within 3 to 5 business days from date of shipping.

UPS 3rd Day Air-Arrives in 3 business days from date of shipping.

UPS 2nd Day Air-Arrives in 2 business days from date of shipping.

UPS Next Day Air-Arrives in one business day from date of shipping.

U.S. Post Office-Arrives in 3 to 7 business days from the date of shipping.

Canadian Orders

UPS International Economy-Arrives within 3 to 5 business days from the date of shipping.

UPS International Priority-Arrives in 1 to 3 business days from the date of shipping.

Example: If you select to have your order shipped within 5 business days and you select UPS Ground at checkout, we will ship your order within 5 business days of the date you place your order and then ship your order via UPS Ground which will give you an arrival date of approximately 3 to 5 business days from the date your order was shipped.

To qualify for 2 day shipping, your order must be received prior to 12 PM Eastern Standard Time on the day you place your order. Click here for Shipping Policy

For customers that are uploading their own design here is some additional information

• Accepted File Types: Print Quality PDF (recommended), jpeg, jpg, png, ai, eps, or psd. Convert Microsoft Word, Publisher, Powerpoint or Excel files to a Print Quality PDF.

• Bleeds: Please follow the instructions below if you selected to have a bleed on your Custom Sticky Note order.
1. The final size of the file must be increased by an additional 1/4 inch. For example, if you order a 3 x 3 sticky note the final file size of your artwork should be 3.25 x 3.25.
2. All graphical elements that are intended to bleed must extend to the edge of the file.
3. Any graphical elements that are NOT intended to bleed must be 3/8 inch (.375”) away from the edge.
If you would prefer to have a template emailed to you, please email and request a sticky note bleed template for the appropriate size.

• Margins: We require a ¼ inch margin if your product does not have a bleed.

• Ink Coverage: If your pad has over 15% ink coverage (not including watermarks), please go to the business forms category to place your order, where ink coverage greater than 15% has been accounted for in the product.

• Scale to Size: If you are “Submitting a Design” you created offline, please ensure the file size you are submitting is the exact size of the product you wish to order.

Personalized Paper Manufacturing Group is a proud member of The Julmark Group of Companies.  The Julmark Group has been active in the manufacturing and distribution of quality stationery products since 1996.  All Julmark divisions focus on a primary mission of providing superior quality unbeatable prices...coupled with outstanding service.

The Personalized Paper Manufacturing Group division has its corporate headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We have manufacturing facilities in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Clearwater, Florida.

customer service team ready to help you design your notepad

Call Us: (800)921-1322


Easily Create Your Product Using Microsoft Word, Publisher or Adobe Photoshop.

Creating a design using a familiar program is very easy.  We have simplified the process even more by providing you with pre-sized templates.  Start by:

  1. Below, click on the pre-sized program template you want to use to create your product.  Save the pre-sized template to your computer desktop.
  2. Now, create your product design offline using Word, Publisher or Photoshop
  3. When you having finished designing, rather than saving your design as a standard file, save your product design as a print ready PDF.  If you are unsure how to do this, email us your file and we will convert it to a print ready PDF for you.
  4. You are now ready to order.  Go back onto our your item…and start the ordering process.  When you get to the design options page, select option 2…Upload Completed Design and complete your order.


Size: 3" x 3"


     Word Template           Publisher Template     Photoshop Template

  Portrait Template                       Portrait Template                        Portrait Template

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