Select the number of sheets of paper per graph pad.  Graph pads are glue bound with a heavy back.  You can select various product options in STEP 2 below.  If you require a sheet count other than what is shown, please contact us at 800-921-1322 for a custom quote.

Graph pad pricing is based on quantity pricing.  Buying a greater number of graph pads will result in a lower price per pad.  Click the down arrow to see our quantity pricing.  If you require more graph pads than shown on the pricing schedule, please contact us at 800-921-1322 for a custom quote.

  • View Enlarged Image: Place your cursor over an image in STEP 3 and click on the magnifying glass.
  • Use Custom Templates: Click on Customize Now button below template and add your information in the design studio.
  • Upload Your Own Design: Click on Upload Design Created Offline tab in STEP 3 and upload your design.
  • For HELP, call 800-921-1322 for personal assistance.

We offer affordable “Black Ink” for a budget friendly option, or “Full Color” for when you need to make your product stand out from the competition. Our 4 color printing process (CMYK) can achieve thousands of color variations in a single printed sheet which allows more flexibility in your design details and a variety of colors that you can include.

If your image, logo or text have 1 or more colors, select Full Color and we will print directly from the file submitted, or the design created in our online design studio. Please note, whether you have 1 or a full range of colors in your print ready file the cost for the color option will be the same.

If your image, logo or text is 100% black, select “Black Ink”. If necessary, we will convert your file to grayscale before printing.


There are 26 different grid configuration to choose from so you can take on any project with accuracy. Our grid paper is perfect for engineers, architects or even interior designers and will help you guide your writing or technical drawings with precision ruling that is even and consistent. Our most commonly selected graph configuration is the square graph grid in 4 squares per inch. All of our square grids come in non photocopy gray.

Square Graph Grid: A basic grid of 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 squares per inch drawn in 1 pt lines.

Cross Section Graph: A grid of 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 squares per inch drawn in 1 pt lines with a 2 point line at every inch interval.

Cartesian Graph: A grid of 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 squares per inch drawn in 1 pt lines with a 2 point line directly in the horizontal and vertical center.

Dot Grid Graph: A basic grid of 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 dots per inch.

Isometric Graphs: A grid of 2, 4 or 5 triangles per inch with straight lines running horizontally or vertically.

We use Premium Quality acid free paper that is 98 brightness, and is perfect for everyday use like jotting notes around the office or for professional documents. Our paper features a colorlok technology to helps ink dry 3 times faster to avoid smearing, and colors appear brighter and richer to help images pop off the page. As an Eco-Friendly company, we also offer a recycled paper option that is at least 30% post consumer waste, and you can even select from 7 different colored paper options.

20LB Bond: Premium copy paper that you would normally find at your local office supply store (Most common).

24LB Bond: Slightly thicker paper best used for double sided printing.

28LB Bond: The preferred paper weight for professional documents.

Backing Weights

Please select an option for the back of your notepad:

  • 150LB Manila Board Backing This is the most common option selected. This backing is half the thickness of a standard credit card.
  • Heavy Brown Chipboard Backing provides a semi rigid back and is approximately the stiffness of a standard credit card.
  • 2 Ply Heavy Brown Chipboard Backing provides a rigid back and is twice as thick as a standard credit card.

Free PDF Proof: You can download unlimited PDF proofs (on the online design studio page) prior to purchasing from us. If you upload a completed design to us, the file you upload is your proof because we print directly from the provided file.

Hard Copy Proof: On rare occasions, customers have very specific color, formatting, and registration requirements. The only way to determine if the product you are ordering matches your requirements is for you to pay for a hard copy proof to see if the product matches your specifications. We will be happy to send you a printed proof for a non-refundable charge of $33.00 via FedEx standard delivery or $69.00 for FedEx Next Day Air delivery.

Orders over $1000: If your order exceeds $1000 you can request a free hard copy sample for you to approve prior to us printing your order. If you submit an order and do not request a hard copy color proof, your order will be printed as is. We will not be liable for color, formatting, or registration variation from the PDF proof visualized either on a computer screen or printed out on your printer.

When Will My Order Ship?

Typically, orders are shipped within 4 business days with a few exceptions. We offer expedited manufacturing so you can have your order prioritized, produced and shipped faster. With most products, we can ship as soon as the next business day.

Note: The ship date you select is not when your order will arrive.

When Will My Order Be Delivered?

You determine arrival date by selecting the print/manufacturing time and shipping method at checkout. From the ship date you have selected, you can expect your order to arrive approximately within the following timetable.

United States Orders
Economy ShippingArrives 3 to 5 business days from the ship date.
FedEx GroundArrives 3 to 7 business days from the ship date.
FedEx 3rd Day AirArrives 3 business days from the ship date.
FedEx 2nd Day AirArrives 2 business days from the ship date.
FedEx Next Day AirArrives 1 business day from the ship date.
Canada Orders
FedEx International GroundArrives 4 to 7 business days from the ship date.
FedEx International EconomyArrives 2 to 3 business days from the ship date.
FedEx International PriorityArrives 1 to 2 business days from the ship date.

Example: If you select to have your order shipped within 4 business days and you select FedEx Ground at checkout, we will ship your order within 4 business days of the date you place your order and then ship your order via FedEx Ground which will give you an arrival date of approximately 3 to 7 business days from the date your order was shipped.

To qualify for next day shipping, your order must be received prior to 12 PM Eastern Standard Time on the day you place your order.

For more information please see our Shipping Policy.

Cost Per Each: $5.62
Subtotal: $44.97
Order Weight: 1.048 lbs
Select Number of Sheets in PadSelect Your Quantity
More you buy, lower the price
Buy for as low as 66¢
25 Sheets Per Pad8 $44.96($5.62)
16 $56.32($3.52)
24 $84.48($3.52)
32 $91.52($2.86)
40 $114.40($2.86)
48 $137.28($2.86)
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Superior quality custom graph pads sized 5.5” x 8.5” from North America’s largest manufacturer of custom graph paper pads for over 19 years - After you complete STEPS 1 thru 3 in the calculator on the left, you will be given the option to design your product online in our design studio or if you choose, you can download a pre-sized template from this page and create your product design offline at your leisure and then upload your design in STEP 3 on the left. We also give you the option to work with one of our talented graphic designers to design the perfect product. You have full access to our image library so you can design a graph pad to fit any occasion. Use the product calculator on the left to see our standard customization options.

  • Select 25 or 50 sheets per pad. Imprint is on every sheet.
  • Select from 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 squares per inch. You can select standard grid or cross-section. We also feature templates for isometric, dots and cartesian grids.
  • Bound on the 5.5" side.
  • Print your graph paper pads in full color or economical all black.
  • Select from the industry’s largest offering of paper colors and weights: Select 20LB bond (same as 50LB Text); 24LB bond (same as 60LB Text); 28LB bond (same as 70LB Text) or 20LB bond recycled paper (same as 50LB Text).
  • You have the option to print on back of each sheet.
  • 125LB sturdy manila board back. Optional heavy brown chipboard back as well as 2 ply ultra-heavy chipboard back.
  • Bleeds are not allowed on this product.
  • Free online proof or select to have an actual hard copy sample.
  • Your order can ship as early as the next business day.
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INSTRUCTIONS: Upload the appropriate file(s) from your computer for the product you wish to order. Please make sure to upload an accepted file type that is print ready and is the correct size.