We have prepared the following guide to assist you with your electronic file preparation and submission. If you have a specific problem that is not covered in this guide, or have other questions, please feel free to contact us. Improperly prepared files can cause delays in manufacturing.

Copy and Pasting Images from the Internet

Do not copy and paste images from the internet. Internet images are low resolution and are not suitable for quality printing. You will need to upload the original graphic file in an acceptable file format listed below.

Acceptable File Formats

High Resolution PDF (*.pdf) (Recommended)

Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) (Recommended)

JPEG Image (*.jpg, *.jpeg) (Recommended)

GIF Image (*.gif)

PNG Image (*.png)

EPS Image (*.eps)

PSD Image (*.psd)

Unacceptable Formats

Microsoft Programs...Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. You will need to convert your document to a High-Resolution PDF if you have designed your product in one of these programs. Here's How. Leave a 1/4" margin on all sides...do not place text or images in the 1/4" margin. The exception to this page set up is if you have a bleed. See Bleeds below.


A product you design that has a bleed must be formatted to the size of the product you are ordering...plus you would add 1/8" on all sides to accommodate the bleed.


All documents should be prepared in at least 300 dpi of the final print size. Higher resolution files will produce a more detailed image.

Color Settings

Create your document in CMYK mode so that the colors that you see on the screen most closely match the final printed product.

Important Notification

Personalized Paper Manufacturing Group prints millions of custom products annually and our customers are delighted with the products we provide. However, on rare occasions, customers have very specific color, formatting, and registration requirements. The only way to determine if the product you are ordering matches your specific color, formatting, and registration requirements, is for you to pay for an actual printed proof and see if the actual printed product matches your specifications. Personalized Paper Manufacturing Group will be happy to send you a printed proof for a non-refundable charge of $30.00. If you submit an order and do not request a hard copy color proof, your order will be printed as is. Personalized Paper Manufacturing Group will not be liable for color, formatting, or registration variation from the PDF proof visualized either on a computer screen or printed out on your printer.

Approval of your online order signifies you will accept the merchandise as printed and you waive our offer of a printed proof.

The Policies of Personalized Paper Manufacturing Group governs the acceptance of all orders placed via the Personalized Paper Manufacturing Group web site.