Each stapled manual is made is made up of a front and back cover that is printed on both sides. The interior pages are printed on the front and back of each sheet. The manual is bound with staples placed in the center fold. In this field, you are selecting the total number of printed pages which includes the front and back cover and the interior pages. If you have questions, please (800) 921-1322.

Select the total number of stapled manuals you would like to order.


Select a Paper Weight

60LB Matte Text (Most Common): Is a good balance between our text weight options. It offers a cost effective alternative to 70LB matte text as well as 80LB and100LB gloss text while maintaining a substantial and professional finish.  This sheet is 24LB and is 20% heavier than standard 20LB copy paper.

70LB Matte Text: In the matte finish, this is the premium sheet. It feels thicker and more substantial than “standard” copy paper because it is 40% heavier than 20LB standard copy paper.  This in excellent sheet for annual reports and other high end presentations.

80LB Gloss Text (Most Common): This is an outstanding and very popular sheet if you are looking for a gloss look to your inside pages.  Printed ink colors are bright and vibrant.  You find this sheet used many times in mass distributed magazines and other marketing materials.

100LB Gloss Text: The gold standard in advertising. This sheet is heavy and substantial.  You find this sheet used in premium magazines and premium marketing materials.


Your Manual Front & Back Cover:

Same as Inside Sheets (Most Common)This is the most common option.  Basically, this is a cover that is the same paper weight and finish as you selected above for your inside pages.  This configuration is very popular in the printing of manuals, instruction books, newsletters and programs.

80LB Gloss Cover: The preferred weight and finish for booklet covers where you are seeking ink colors that a bright and vibrant on a heavy gloss cover.  This product is very popular as a cover for marketing materials.  Other than the “Same as Inside Sheets” option, this is the most popular heavy cover weight and finish.

100LB Gloss Cover: This sheet has the same attributes as 80LB gloss cover, only it is 25% heavier.

80LB & 100LB Matte Cover: These cover products has the same attributes as the 80LB and 100LB gloss cover with the exception that matte covers do not have the gloss finish.

Cover Ink Colors

For your convenience, we offer FREE full color ink for your booklet covers. Our booklets are printed using a digital printing method that is toner based and supports CMYK. This printing method allows us to obtain the highest quality product that is bright and vibrant at no additional cost to you. Please note, images uploaded in RGB will automatically be converted to CMYK and could result in a very slightly color shift.


When Will My Order Ship?

Typically, orders are shipped within 5 business days with a few exceptions. We offer expedited manufacturing so you can have your order prioritized, produced and shipped faster. With most products, we can ship as soon as the next business day.

Note: The ship date you select is not when your order will arrive.

When Will My Order Be Delivered?

You determine arrival date by selecting the print/manufacturing time and shipping method at checkout. From the ship date you have selected, you can expect your order to arrive approximately within the following timetable.

United States Orders
Economy ShippingArrives 3 to 5 business days from the ship date.
FedEx GroundArrives 3 to 7 business days from the ship date.
FedEx 3rd Day AirArrives 3 business days from the ship date.
FedEx 2nd Day AirArrives 2 business days from the ship date.
FedEx Next Day AirArrives 1 business day from the ship date.
Canada Orders
FedEx International GroundArrives 4 to 7 business days from the ship date.
FedEx International EconomyArrives 2 to 3 business days from the ship date.
FedEx International PriorityArrives 1 to 2 business days from the ship date.

Example: If you select to have your order shipped within 5 business days and you select FedEx Ground at checkout, we will ship your order within 5 business days of the date you place your order and then ship your order via FedEx Ground which will give you an arrival date of approximately 3 to 7 business days from the date your order was shipped.

To qualify for next day shipping, your order must be received prior to 12 PM Eastern Standard Time on the day you place your order.

For more information please see our Shipping Policy.

Cost Per Each: $8.94
Subtotal: $89.42
Order Weight: 0.7 lbs
Number of Booklet Pages Including the Cover
(A double sided cover or inside sheet of paper counts as 2 pages.)
Select Stapled Manual QuantityPrice
8 Pages (Front/Back Cover + 4 Inside Pages)10 $89.42($8.94)
15 $97.80($6.52)
20 $81.18($4.06)
25 $89.56($3.58)
30 $94.77($3.16)
35 $99.98($2.86)
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Superior quality full color staple bound manuals sized 8.5" x 11" from North America’s largest manufacturer of custom stationery products for over 19 years. Staple bound manuals are bound publications that serve as promotional documents primarily used to introduce companies, organizations, products or services. They are perfect for catalogs, newsletters or brochures and are sure to make a lasting first impression at your next event or meeting. When it comes to staple bound manuals, Personalized Paper offers the widest variety of customization options so that you can create your custom manual any way you want. To order, simply begin with Step 1 on the calculator found on this page.

  • Size: 8.5” x 11”, bound on the 11" side.
  • Available with 8 to 64 pages and a variety of paper weights to choose from including: 100LB Gloss Text, 80LB Gloss Text, 70LB Uncoated Text (28LB), and 60LB Uncoated Text (24LB).
  • Print on the front & back covers as well as the inside of the front and back covers in vibrant full color at no additional charge!
  • Select from 4 cover weights: 100LB Gloss or Matte Cover, 80LB Gloss or Matte Cover or use the same paper weight as you selected for the inside pages of your manual for your cover.
  • Fully customizable inside pages.
  • Free online proof or select to have an actual hard copy sample.
  • Your order can ship as early as the next business day.
  • All manuals are made in our USA factory for superior quality.
  • There are no set up fees which saves you the $50.00 set fee charged by other suppliers.
Special Customization Options








STEP 3: Select a Design Option


INSTRUCTIONS: Upload the appropriate file(s) from your computer for the product you wish to order. Please make sure to upload an accepted file type that is print ready and is the correct size.